Percussive electronica, with New Orleans roots

Combining narrative, downtempo electronica with Mardi Gras rhythms to create a sound that is both unique and familiar.


Released February 2, 2020, Parades progresses steadily through engaging, emotive songs, bombastic vignettes, and minimalist compositions. Though the song titles evoke the names of Mardi Gras krewes and experiences, the album is meant to less sound like a parade than feel like one.

Literate Nola

Recorded over several years, Literate Nola alternates between songs from two previous EPs. Recorded first, Literate’s organic, beat-heavy tracks are named with quotes taken from books read during production. The Nola suite introduces marching band percussion and synth brass melodies, competing for attention in Sophrosyne’s sound.

Video by Elise Van Pelt


As Sophrosyne, artist Jason Van Pelt strives to convey a sense of balance and introspection, influenced by 90s and 2000s electronica and instrumental hiphop. Sophrosyne establishes itself in Jason’s upbringing in New Orleans, drawing on nostalgia and a sense of melodic story-telling.

Recording as Sophrosyne since 1996, Parades is Jason’s third full-length release.

jason van pelt portrait

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